Tutorials for everything in ClientLook.

  • Add a company update

    Add a company update to track activities, files, emails and more.

  • Company searching

    Searching for companies is fast, flexible and easy.

  • Company groups

    Subdivide your companies using groups to better manage your data.

  • Add a contact update

    Add a contact update to track past activities, files, emails and more.

  • Add a contact

    Learn how easy it is to add new contacts to your ClientLook account.

  • Contact groups

    Subdivide your ClientLook contacts for better organization using groups.

  • Contact searching

    Searching for contacts in ClientLook is fast and easy.

  • Schedule a contact task

    Schedule a task for a contact in your ClientLook account.

  • Schedule a contact event

    Schedule an event for a contact in your ClientLook account.

  • View your contacts

    View the list of contacts in your ClientLook account.

  • Edit your profile

    Edit your profile in ClientLook to share personal contact details.

  • Add custom fields

    Customize ClientLook by adding custom fields to track anything you want.

  • Import data

    Import data from any CSV file into ClientLook. Learn how easy it is.