How To Relate A Contact (or Company) To Other Contacts and Companies

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How To Relate A Contact (or Company) To Other Contacts and Companies

Up until now, you could only relate a contact to one company, typically the company they worked for within our commercial real estate CRM software. With the introduction of the new Winter 2018 release, you can now relate contacts to other contacts and to multiple companies. So if you have an owner who controls several LLC’s, you can have a single contact record for that individual linked to all of the companies he owns. You can also relate brokers to their clients, link co-investors together, or establish any other relationships you can think of.

To take advantage of this new feature, simply go to record of the contact or company that you wish to relate to another record. On the “Related” tab, click on “People” (People covers contacts as well as companies in one place).

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This area will display all the contacts and companies that are related to this record. Currently, we can see that Steve isn’t related to anyone else. Let’s relate him to his broker at JLL.

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Click on the “Relate a contact” in the picklist. This will drop down a list of options. You can relate this person to another existing contact or company, or you can add a new contact or company and relate them at the same time.

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We’ll choose existing contact Anthony Manganaro at JLL. We can choose from many relationship types, which are all customizable. Decide how you want the relationship shared, and then click “Relate this contact”.

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If you want to add a new contact or company that is not yet in ClientLook, you can do that as well. Be sure to choose a relationship type when adding a new contact or company, as you cannot save the record without doing so.

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Using our new, more flexible relationship feature, you can now ensure that you document all the important links that exist between all the  people you deal with.

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  1. What happens to our contacts that were already in ClientLook before the new release? It seems I’m not able to go in and edit the relationships. But anyone that is new I can.

    • Hi Jenny, there is one special case in which you cannot edit the Relationship Type of a contact. That’s for a contact that is related to a company as an “Employee”. This relationship is created automatically when you add a new contact and link the contact to an existing company. All contacts that were input prior to our recent Winter Release are now related to their main company (assuming they are not stand alone contacts) with the relationship type of “Employee”. It’s a normal feature. In addition to this default relationship, you can relate a contact to additional companies. You can specify any relationship desired in that case. If you still have questions, or you’re describing a different scenario entirely, then feel free to contact our Support team. They’d be glad to help. Thanks for using ClientLook!

  2. Gentlemen,
    As one of your 2 year members, I need my contact in the company to help me use your new system of connecting clients and their locations – I have been out of the system for over a year and now we might be able to use the system again.
    Who is Available Properties assistant contact and how do I reengage with virtual office helper under the new system.
    Henry Wildermuth
    Available Properties Inc.

    • Hello Henry, and welcome back into ClientLook! I’ll have someone on our Success Team contact you directly. They can perform a quick 15-minute success audit. This will allow them to recommend all the features and services you could be leveraging based on your specialty, goals, etc.

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